Aug 25, 2008

Pumpkin Update

August 13 2008

This is what the pumpkin looked like on August 13th. A beautiful deep dark green and the size and shape of a small squat or oblate cantaloupe.

August 20 2008

Only 1 week later and Pumpkin is now the size of a large cantaloupe , still squat in shape but now starting to come into color.

I am absolutely certain that the color is even more pronounced and orange today. I would have taken another picture to show the difference, but as soon as I was on my way out, the sky opened up for a nice rain shower. I am not complaining though, no way, because even though some parts of my area are complaining of too much rain, I have not been getting rain where near enough for my garden, so I am a happy gardener today :)!


Lawyer Consolidation Insurance said...

I love growing pumpkins to. But 1 only have 1 this years some years I've had 10 big pumpkins some rippening as soon as july.

Rosemary said...

glad you are getting the rain you need my area is getting lots of rain , oh the weeds love it.

Martha said...

Oh, well. Your pumpkin is moving right along isn't it?

I've planted them year after year but have never harvested a single one! Vine borers get them every year.

Can't wait to see yours next week.

Donna said...

LCI:What is your secret to getting so many pumpkins?? Sounds like you have a knack with squash :)

Rosemary: I hope you arent getting washed away!! And I think I spoke to soon , as we havent gotten any rain since, the dew point is incredibly low for August(I aint complaining LOL)and everything keeps drying out and wilting...I guess there is no middle ground.

Martha: I am so sorry about those vine borers. Truthfully this is the first and only pumpkin I have ever gotten...and I didnt even plant it, it grew out of the compost. The vines I did plant have nothing on them LOL!!

adekun said...

Being a brit I'm not a pumpkin eater. However, having moved to Japan I was introduced to kabocha. They are really good eating. Managed to grow a few of a mini variety this year before the vines got scorched.