Sep 24, 2008

Cantaloupe at last...or...the Mighty Muskmelon!!

I have tried for years to grow melons, with no luck . This year I put a few seeds in the ground near my living room wall just because the space was there and some new mulch-y compost was there. I didn't even water regularly. I just let the vines grow and was thrilled that the seeds I had saved from last seasons Farmers Market Muskmelon germinated. What a kick I got when I spied my very first melon out there about a month ago!! Even better was when I realised there were actually 3 melons growing strong. Then I was tickled pink when I found 3 more baseball sized babies hiding in the vines under the un-mown grass . Now it is late for melons so I picked the last 3 little guys and made sweet pickle chunks from them(I will put up a recipe for them if they turn out to be any good) and the oldest of the remaining melons was picked today I was totally surprised by the flavor. I was not expecting it to have fully ripened....but it did!! Sweet, but not too sweet , and so juicy it was almost like drinking and eating all at once. I can not wait to try again next year. Of course if I actually put effort into it, I probably wont get any melons....go figure.

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