Oct 20, 2008

Deep Fried Garlic!!

My family and I went to the Garlic and Harvest Festival in Bethlehem Connecticut last Sunday.

What a good time we had.

The festival is only in it's forth season so the size was extremely manageable. There were I think 60 or 70 vendors, several food tents. We were able to do the whole festival , eating included in around 2 hours. Now don't let that small size fool you, there was everything there a garlic lover could possibly want, and just about every other tent had some type of mini-mouthful of garlic-y goodness to sample. It all started off with a small cup of garlic Vinegar, and I believe the last sample I tried was a Garlic, Spinach, and Artichoke dip on a salt cracker. In between there was dips and oils, breads and garlic mayos, and a fabulous Garlic salt and a nasal clearing Beet-Horseradish relish. Some of the most lovely booths had nothing more for sale than whole heads of various varieties of garlic with tiny chunks of each of those varieties to sample. The biggest eye opener was the difference between the different garlics , some were fiery hot while some were so subtle and sweet it was almost humbling.

Now once the booths were all perused we made our way to the food court.....

There we tasted ,Sausage and Peppers with Garlic, a Pulled Pork sandwich, Deep Fried pickles , Hamburgers smothered in roasted garlic, and Garlic Ice Cream ( which is much tastier than it
sounds...of course by that time I had sampled so much raw garlic, everything was glazed in a haze of the wonderful and fragrant clove).....and finally and the reason for this posting, the Deep Fried Garlic. OH MY GARDEN, having it prepared this way must be the absolute most sinful and wonderful ways to eat garlic. The flavor is sublime, sweet and mild,but so savory from the carmelization that this method of cooking provides. The color is out of this world as well, a beautiful gold-bronze hue that was the perfect compliment to the Autumn leaves all around. This was a treat that I am glad I didn't pass up.
So next year, if you are up this way, treat yourself to some garlic!!

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Rosemary said...

all the garlic dishes sound yummy