Oct 17, 2008

'Olena Ukrainian' Tomato Update

Back a few weeks ago, I posted my, Tomatoes on Parade, tomato tasting review for the 2008 growing season. In it, I stated a little disappointment in the variety Olena Ukrainian. Since that time I have changed opinion of this beauty of a tomato. Seems as if she needs cooler weather in order to really shine. Granted Olena Ukrainian is still a mild tomato, but the sweetness and complexity of flavor really come forward in the tomatoes that have ripened late in the season. I still believe that this is an especially good cooking variety, with the large size and dense flesh that makes it a given. However circumstance has led me to favor this as a fresh eating tomato as well. Let me tell you....this tomato covered in a little Garlic Sea Salt is phenomenal!

How did your tomatoes do this season, what will you never grow again and what made it to your Tomato Hall of fame????

As a footnote...the season is drawing to an end. I pulled the last of the tomatoes out of the bigger garden and only have a few left in pots. Granted there is a mountain of greenies on my dining room table and I will be eating and cooking tomatoes for some time to come, but still a certain melancholy from the shortening of days and the loss of my plants is to be expected. Of course I will try to think of green and homey things of interest to post about thru the Winter months but my posts will be fewer and farther between until seed season rolls around again come late Winter. But do not despair , as tomato seed planting time will be here quicker than you think!!


dolly said...

this is the first time I have grown Ukrainian tomatoes (in a large pot as we have wild rabbits)they are delicious! large, sweet and wonderful. I also grew Celebrity for the first time, but the Ukrainian outshone all the rest.

Donna said...

Dolly, I am so glad that you had such a good and tasty experience with the Ukrainians. I adore Olena Ukrainian tomatoes and am happy to find they are gaining a following.