Oct 1, 2008

When life gives you Tomatoes.....

Make marinara!!

Last week the Northeast was a gray drizzle mess....but the fun news on Wednesday was that we were expected to receive anywhere between 3-6 inches of rain from Thursday evening thru to Sunday morning. So me , always thinking, decided that instead of taking the chance that all of my ripening tomatoes splitting from the excess rain , I would pick anything with a hint of color. Okay...that was easy. Inside, safe and sound sat 2 large mixing bowls of semi ripe tomatoes, and one very large soup bowl of cherry tomatoes ....just waiting for their time to shine when finally fully ripened.

Fast forward a week, now I have 2 large mixing bowls of fully ripe tomatoes, a large soup bowl of fully ripened cherry toms, plus several more semi ripe tomatoes and another bowl of cherry ones and a huge load more greenies just waiting in the wings. I cant get my kids or my hubby to show the same enthusiasm to these beauties as they did in early August...so what is a tomato growing addict to do.......


So here is my beautiful Roasted Tomato Marinara in full and fabulous technicolor. Spread out on this page like the ripe luscious tomato pornography that it truly is!!

Alright, well, maybe not truly porn, but it did make my sons eyes get wide and his mouth water...so you tell me !!

I have started filling my largest turkey roaster with my tomatoes

Still there is a whole bunch of preparation to go before we get sauce

The pan is full to the brim with a few sprigs of fresh herbs added and 2 tsps of Kosher salt sprinkled on they are now ready to go into a 400° degrees preheated oven.

While the tomatoes cook, I get the food mill ready to go.

Ahhh...can't you just smell the heady aroma.....the tomatoes are finally done after about an hour and a half in the oven.

The tomatoes are processed in the food mill to remove the skin and seeds.

I add enough tomato paste to thicken, and about 1/2 cup of lovely red wine called Carmenere(that is what I like to drink, if you make this sauce use the red wine you like...or omit it and add a TBS or so more Balsamic) and a couple of TBS of Balsamic vinegar to bring out the roundness of the sauce. I also now salt and pepper to taste and simmer for an hour.My exquisite sauce is ready for its 30 minute boiling water bath....but you can always eat what you want and freeze the rest :)

The tomatoes aren't long for this earth as the days get cooler and the nights get longer....let's enjoy them while we can......

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Grovespirit said...

Simply awesome, and mouth-watering. :)

I wish I could make a blog like this!! Where did you learn how to blog??

Would be nice if I could take some blogging lessons somehow.