Nov 4, 2008

New Things a' Growing

I haven't forgotten this place. It is just been pretty hectic lately , what with putting the veggie garden to bed for the Winter....and getting newer portions of the yard ready for next seasons veggie growing. I will be planting some stuff I have had trouble growing in the past....just cross your fingers for me that the new areas for growing will do the trick.

For the time being....I am experimenting with a new Indoor for the Winter/Outdoor for the Summer plant, and I will tell you more and post some pictures in a bit. For now I still need to get the dining room empty of the last ripening tomatoes, finish pulling up the Pepper plants and drying the chilis.

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Martha said...

There is a common thread among dedicated gardeners. I'm on a similar track - planting garlic, harvesting green tomatoes, starting seeds for winter greens, dragging tender perennials toward the shed ---- on and on.

Good luck with it all and celebrate having the good fortune of loving gardening.