Dec 20, 2008

Winter Sowing -or- Fun in the Snow

Just a quick update on my Winter Sowing.

Yesterday,two days shy of the official start of Winter and the Winter Solstice,we had our first real snowstorm of the Winter season. It started sometime around 11:00am and by 6:pm it was just about done laying down a 6-7 inch layer of the fluffy white stuff. For me this is a fabulous sign that Christmas is truly here and a humbling reminder for me to be grateful for my warm home and happy healthy family.

But I digress...

After the snow was shoveled and I was sufficiently bundled, I ventured outside and got this lovely shot of Spring in a Jug. This is also known as my Winter Sowing.
Keep the faith folks...Spring will come around again!!

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

We too are having way too much snow. Spring where are you!