Dec 23, 2008

What's Under the Grow Lights

Several entries back I mentioned that I would be trying to grow something experimental in my grow room/junk room (yeah I know,most people limit their junk to a drawer...but that problem is for another day). I haven't forgotten my promise to explain,and update...I really haven't. It is just the non-gardening part of my life that reared it's ugly head and kept me from my veggie-ing. Naturally once Christmas is over, and the days start lengthening,I will be dedicating more of my time to preparing for the Spring and Summer, and the wonderful bounty that those months bring For now though, the Holidays have me held hostage.

But back to my new sprout,drum roll please..... the new baby in the room is a Taro Plant...I don't have any pictures yet, but I am so excited by my limited success to date, that I absolutely had to share already.

I received the corm in an Edible Root Round Robin(round robins are a type of plant/seed swap)From what I have read about this plant, they area fairly easy to grow. Well,easy to grow if you live in a place like Hawaii that is, and you are someone other than me. Not exactly hard , but not so easy either if you live in a place like Connecticut(and you are me). All that aside I am giving it my best shot. The root sprouted,and continues to live. Big leap in the right direction already. I have to keep this guy alive long enough to get it outside when the last threat of frost becomes a memory. Then I am almost sure I will be able to get a nice plump usable corm out of it...and hopefully an oha(a pup corm and plant that grows from the main corm).I am definitely looking forward to taro chips...I love them almost as much as I love Kettle Cooked Potato chips.Yum!

Pictures and more info coming any day now....I promise.

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Martha said...

Oh, I love to grow plants under lights in the winter.

It saves my sanity and makes me very happy. Post some photos!

Blogger is down so I can't write about what's happening with our lighted growing spaces. But lots of plants are thriving.

Keep on planting.