Mar 9, 2009

The Great Taro Experiment

As I mentioned in the previous posting, my seed/storage room....also known as the junk room....stayed much colder this past Winter than it has in previous seasons. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that this Winter seemed to stay consistently colder for longer stretches of time, or if the radiator in there is not as trusty as it was in it's prime. But whatever the cause, the Taro did not like the climate.

Now that the days are getting longer , and the mercury is creeping up...well occasionally creeping up....the Taro has come slightly out of it's slump and looks like it will hang on long enough for the last frost date in mid May and a place out in the Sun. Ahhhhh the glorious Sun....just thinking about it makes me giggle like a nutcase!

So, I wont declare the Great Taro Experiment a success yet, as I have a long road ahead of me before a corm will be ready for harvest, and Taro Chips fried. Of course, the real measure of success for me is if I have a huli to plant for my next years corm to grow from. The Huli is the top inch of the corm with its foliage removed. This is then re-planted, and grows the new corm, develops new leaves, and another batch of Taro chips... uh um.... I mean another corm and plant continues. For now I am keeping my fingers crossed that there are Taro chips somewhere in my future.That makes me giggle like a nutcase as well.

Did I mention anywhere that I really like Taro Chips???

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

As a fellow Taro chip addict, I will be watching this experiment with great interest. :o)