Mar 4, 2009

It's Been a Long Winter

I really have neglected this blog throughout the Winter. I know I did, I knew it when I was doing it, and yet.....I couldn't seem to stop myself. Or more correctly, start myself. As in start myself blogging about summery things, when all around me, snow, sleet and ice seemed to hold onto every bit of anything it could.

Well so far nothing has changed, it seemed like it had, but as of Monday another 8-9 inches of snow decided to take up residency in my veggie garden. Oh well...what can you do. At least I have been able to concentrate on categorizing my seeds.

I do intend to update on my seed happenings, but because of a slow start to germination this year, I am holding off on my "Seed Starting Time '09 ' posting because I am not entirely sure that those seeds that I have sown are going to survive. It has been colder than I anticipated in my seed room, and the seed starter I used soaked up way more water that it has in previous seasons and it refuses to dry(need to check to see if the manufacturer changed anything). I have spyed a few sprouts here and there, and I promise to update, with a list of whose growing this season as soon as things stabilise a bit.

I also failed to update on my great Taro experiment....and that is partly due to my lazy attitude this Winter, but mostly due to the fact that the Taro looked like a goner up until last week. I will try to get a good picture of it this weekend. I will even post a picture of it's not so pretty mostly dead looking side.

At any rate, here's to pretending Spring is around the bend!!


Martha said...

Well, give yourself a break.

It's hard to care about the spring garden when you are sitting under snow.

We will look forward to reading about your garden adventures when the snow melts.

In the meantime, I hope you are managing to enjoy the winter's pleasures.

Donna said...

Thanks Martha :)

I had a nice break from the Winter Greys yesterday as the temperature reached the 60 degree mark. It will be cold again this week, but the passed weekend really rejuvinated me :)