Mar 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!!

WoooHooo it has finally come again! Spring...glorious Spring!! My crocus(crocuses...croci....?!?!?!) are starting to bloom, my Rhubarb is poking upwards and the daffodilly's are budding up. And the snow is flying can this be!?!?!?!Yup, snow...thank garden it was just flurries and didn't stick, but man....what a way to put the damper on the Vernal Equinox festivities.
All in all, and snow showers aside, the Earth around Southern New England waking up again. Slowly to be sure, but slow wakening is a mighty fine thing after a snowy, sleety cold Winter....brrrr....

Now I am off to pot up my Tomato sprouts, truthfully I was a little worried that this day wouldn't come this season. However, since my little seeds have decided to co-operate after all, the next blog will be my 'Tomato Choices 2009'

For now I bid you.....


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