Apr 15, 2009

As the Tomato Grows...and other assorted green news

So far so good with the tomato trials and tribulations. The wilting has slowed to a few plants every so often, so in essence is almost done(although it pains me to write this because I don't want to jinx things....so now I am off to knock on wood). Even still, if I did jinx myself, considering the amount of over-sowing I always do, I should have enough seedlings to be happy. On another plus side at least 50% of the wilty babes are still hanging in there, and if all goes well , will recover once they go outside to harden in about 2 and a half weeks. I have also really narrowed it all down to my letting the seedlings go too dry between watering. I do try to go by the rule of thumb, water when the soil feels dry to the touch an inch or two below the surface. Well this is all well and good with a big established plant, but not such good advice with a little Styrofoam cup of baby tomato. So a little more creativity is in order. Now I am going by weight of the cup, as well as sliding the plant(soil included of course) from each cup to determine complete dryness. Another way to be certain of soil moisture is to utilise Soil Moisture Probes and Meters, but I am not that technologically inclined.

On another front, my Taro is still growing strong and has been a real pleasure to grow. Once it started to sprout there was really not much left to do other than keep it watered like any other house plant and turn it every so often to let both sides enjoy the sun.
Well there was one exception....my cats....they seem to think the Taro is their second cat box. If this was just a houseplant I would probably just laugh it off after rinsing thoroughly...but as this is a root vegetable, I really don't like the idea of the cats flavoring it for me. Plus I don't think cat urine is a flavor that will catch on. So after the second trip into the shower for Taro detoxification(and the pot is pretty heavy when the soil is damp)I decided to lock it up in the seedling room.
Now to construct a screen that will fit over the soil and convince the cats that this is not their tropical retreat....

Ah...the joys of plantdom.....

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