Apr 21, 2009

Earth Day Inspiration

Earth Day is tomorrow. In celebration of this day of awareness and inspiration for the health of our planet, let's all get out and plant a tree. If you can't plant a tree how about a flower....or even a few seeds. It all helps, and it's all a step in the right direction. With the state of our economy circling the bowl, a few veggie seeds sown tomorrow to celebrate will reward you in a couple of months with a healthier planet Earth and a lower grocery bill, ....so let's all go and grow!!

Now if you want some real inspiration, read the following post that I have copied form a wonderful site called 'GardenWeb'...this young man is really on the right track. So let's all help him out and plant a pack of seeds.

April 2009
Earth Day is April 22, 2009. I want to see if 10,000 people can plant a package of some type of seeds on that one day.
Growing a plant helps a lot of ways. Some plants give us food. It feels good to grow something that you can later eat. Some plants make us feel good to look at them. They are just pretty. Plants give us oxygen. Plants help clean the air by taking CO2 from our cars and other pollutants out of the air. Plants also help stop erosion by holding soil in place.
You can help this project in two ways. First, plant a pack of seeds on April 22, 2009. It doesn’t matter what the seeds are, just plant them.
Second, would you give some seeds to a kid to plant at their home? If 200 people across the country would give out 50 packs of seeds, that would be 10,000 packs. If you are like my dad, he has more seeds than he will ever plant. He already said he would give 50 packs of seeds.
If you don’t have extra seeds, you can buy them at the various $1 stores for 10 packs for a $1. So, $5 would give you 50 packs.
What do you do with your 50 packs? Bring them to a school and give them to the office and ask them to give them out to two classrooms and ask them to take them home and plant them that day.
Ok, 10,000 packs of seeds in one day. It will probably only take 15 short minutes to put your soil in a pot, move it to the right spot and plant your seeds. If you are going to put then in the ground, it will take around 15 minutes. If 10,000 packs of seeds were planted in one day, that means we just spent 2500 hours to help our environment.
How will I know if you helped? I have two ways you can tell me. I made a folder on photobucket.com where you can upload a picture of you planting your seeds. Just tell me what kind of seeds you planted in the description. Here is the link to post a picture. http://photobucket.com/EarthDay
I have also made a discussion forum on GardenWeb.com under the round robin section. You can post a discussion on what kind of seed you planted and/or how many seeds you gave away and who you gave your seeds to. Just post a follow up to this post.
Can someone help by telling others on different boards about this project? We can do it in two days! I know we can.
Pass this email out to EVERYONE as soon as possible. I would like to know if 10,000 packs of seeds were planted in one day. Thank you.

Matt Case,
Troop 532
Hornaday Award Candidate
Old North State Council

Here is a link to the complete thread:

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