May 21, 2009

Radiant , Radical...Radishes

radishes on the left: German Giant ........ radishes on the right:Sparkler

This is the first year....and I mean the first year ever, that radishes have been viable in my garden. And all I can say is....Oh the joy...oh the rapture.... oh the glory of spicy radish-y goodness. That being said, I can also confidently say that there is nothing more satisfying and soul soothing, than the first fruit or veggie out of the garden gracing the dinner table.

So from now on, radishes will have a place in my vegetable patch.
I will admit, this first radish triumph was from an everyday and ordinary sort of peppery good radish. But I am hooked. Sooooo....I vow to try more exotic and luscious varieties in the near future. I am on to bigger and better bulbs. Roots of black, white, pink and the winter wonderful types. My motto will forever root left behind.

Now hows that for radish devotion.

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

We are big radish growers and eaters. Your sparklers look great! Our fave is the English breakfast radish. A little more mild than the others, but you can eat them straight out of the ground, just a little spray with the garden hose is all you need!