May 7, 2009

Rain, Rain ....Go Away

You would never catch that phrase coming out of my mouth in the heat of August when the lawn is browner than my favorite chocolate cake. But today is somewhere around the 8th day that has had some sort of rain or drizzle-y gloominess. My tomatoes are definitely worse for the saturated air....and truthfully , so am I. Saturday there was a short period of sun, but of course that was followed by a rainy Sunday. Monday was spotty drizzle, but dry long enough for me to get out and fuss with my seedlings, and by the way my tomatoes looked pretty good then. Tuesday was another grey day followed up with less drizzle and more serious rain, which of course splashed driveway dirt and sand up onto my seedlings. Yesterday started out with showers, but by afternoon the sun managed to peak out from behind the clouds off and I was hopeful the maters would get a good chance to dry off. That was when I noticed all of the water logged spots on a few of the varieties. Then of course once the sun went down the rain came back, and although my local meteorologist claimed that we would have afternoon clearing, here it is 2:40 in the P.M. and it still is as grey as an elephants rear out my front window(out the back window too for anyone who wants to get specific)....I don't think I can take much more of this.

This is my third year growing my own plants from my own seeds, and the second year in a row with issues....sheesh. But I am going to be much more optimistic this year than I was last year when I threw away many seedlings that very well may have outgrown their wilty-ness and become viable plants. So I have isolated the plants that are most spotted, and am crossing my fingers for the rest. Now I am no expert, and I probably have a host of damp/cold related fungus and bacteria on my precious plants, but I am hoping that this is just weather related nastiness and the plants will grow out of it once the sun comes back for a more prolonged period of time and I can actually get them into the garden. Come on rain ....take a week off , will ya?!?!

Cross your fingers for me too!!

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Martha said...

The nonstop rain is getting to all of us, I think.

Another thunderstorm tonight in northeast Oklahoma, too.

I'm glad we started our veggies from seed and still have plenty to replant if we have to.

Wishing for a sunny, breezy day.