May 18, 2009

Wow...I wasn't expecting the over night temperature to be so low in mid-May. But there you go...37 degrees Fahrenheit tonight, and 33 for tomorrow. I'm glad that I held off planting my tomatoes. Its been a rough enough year with them as it is, what with the cool and damp for weeks at a time.
The peppers are in, but there are only a dozen or so of them, and they are all snuggled comfortably under pots for the night. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as this is the first time in the 20 years I have had a veggie garden that a freeze has become an issue for me. And please do not try to figure out my age by that past statement....I am in no way even close to being older than dirt.
I am listening to my weather guy, and very hopeful that after tonight things will go smoothly I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed, and unless the 8 day forecast changes drastically over the next two days, my tomatoes will make their garden debut on Tuesday or Wednesday, then I will post the varieties that made the final 2009 cut right afterwards...I am soooo looking forward to a nice ripe 'mater.

*EDITED Monday: the above was supposed to be posted Sunday night, but due to teenagers in the house I was unable to secure computer time....however, tonight there is a freeze warning for inland areas around me, so this posting is just as valid today as it was yesterday*

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Martha said...

We finally have nighttime temperatures 50 and above.

The rain has stopped and we are drying out after 22 daily drenchings.

Peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are in the ground - late May!

But I have to admit the prolonged spring has been a treat. I don't look forward to the summer's 90 and 100 with humidity.