Jun 17, 2009

June is Busting Out All Over

Looks like the Whippersnapper will be the first over the finish line this season! With all of the rain we have been having, and the general lack of sun or warmth, I have my doubts about this season altogether. At least I know that these three little guys are going to tough it out. I am however worried about the state of the 3 Whippersnapper plants themselves ....they are already tightly rooted in their hanging baskets even though they were recommended as a good hanging basket variety. I am finding it hard to keep up on their water requirements as I am not used to watering every day....but I will definitely try harder to remember and to grow used to this amount of watering. I really like the decorative look with all of the functionality.

I am so happy to see the few bunches of Blueberries gracing my sad little bush. I am truly ashamed to admit that last season, the second season for this bush being in my yard, I totally forgot to water it during the driest hottest part of the summer. Needless to say I lost half of the bush, and had little hope of any meaningful recovery or growth, not to mention any type of harvest. But here we are looking at at least enough berries to make a batch of muffins and have a few left over for on top of yogurt or cereal or to even snack on while planning on making muffins...oh I can hardly wait.

My other Blueberry bush, a lovely wild one that my father brought home years ago, and who was lovingly transplanted into my garden when he and my mother sold their home, is pretty sad on the cropping front this year. I don't know why as it was absolutely covered in blossoms earlier this Spring, but the berries are few. Oh well , not every season can be stellar.

This Raspberry season looks stellar though .It is hard to tell by this picture, but the Black Raspberry is dripping with fruit just waiting to ripen. I am already full of visions of jam and pie. Just a few more weeks and my fingers(and face) will be purple for a week for sure.

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