Jun 12, 2009

Who Made the Garden 2009 *Update*

Just a quick update for the "Who Made the Garden" post. I will be adding another variety to the list of tomatoes in the garden for the 2009 season- Cherokee Green

This lovely tomato plant was a gift from a new gardening pal who stopped by my garden this past Friday. I met her thru a gardening site that I frequent by the name of Gardenweb. The 'Tomato' Forum of that site is just filled to the brim with informative postings of just about everything tomato, and the rest of the veggie and plant forums that are there are just as inspiring. Also, there are a huge bunch of wonderfully knowledgeable people to connect with who love gardening and farming,that is a huge plus right there. If you haven't stopped by that site, you should(and no I am not being endorsed by them to say this, I just love the site).....but I digress.... We had a really nice visit, and it was refreshing having someone around that actually appreciates the art of veggie gardening.

So I am now the proud Momma of a beautiful Cherokee Green, and I can hardly wait to get it into the garden and onto this seasons Tomato List.

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