Jul 18, 2009

The Veggie Season Begins for Real

It's not alot, but I am proud of my first real harvest of Summer Veggies. We have already enjoyed radishes in the Spring and Snow Peas as well, but I always feel that the Harvest really starts with the picking of the Cukes and Tomatoes. Granted these are just the earliest of cherry tomatoes, but since I haven't had a tomato since last Fall, I am drooling over these luscious looking little 'Whippersnappers'. They will become part of a small salad tomorrow along with those three pickling cucumbers, 3 runner beans...that I really grew for their beautiful flowers but I cant resist those tasty pods, 2 Yellow Wax beans...my row of beans was almost devoured by some unknown critter, but about 5 vines lived so it is going to be a bean here a bean there this year. Maybe a small onion or two, if I break down and dig them tomorrow, early for sure, but just for the salad....and finally a little bit of lettuce that is growing among the corn. It will no doubt be the best salad I and my family have had in a long time.

As for the 'Whippersnappers', you will have to wait until my Fall blog for the final taste results when I do my 'Tomatoes on Parade 2009' posting. But until then I can tell you that these little plants are real troopers. They survived the cold and damp of May and June. They laughed at my accidentally planting them in hanging baskets of straight Pro-Mix(Love that Pro-mix,and I did finally amend that with a little slow release fertilizer sprinkled on the surface , and regular watering with Fish Emulsion). They threw off the damage of an invasion of aphids. They withstood being let to wilt every day after the rain dried up. And they shrugged off me picking off the yellow nasty leaves those aphids left behind. I hope they taste as good as they grow.

*I had the salad....and man, after almost 9 months with no fresh Summer Veggies, I must say that the salad was divine!*

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Martha said...

Oh, we are eating tomatoes and cucumbers at lunch and supper this week.

Every year we wonder if all the work is worth it and then July hits with a table full of goodies with flavor we can have only once a year.

I hope your garden continues to produce and produce.