Aug 24, 2009

Nature Retaliates

Today I decided to take control of my ever expanding berry bramble.....silly me.

Any one who knows me, knows that I like things that grow without too much interference from me. So of course blueberry bushes work well, as do... oh say... tomatoes, peppers and eggplants...cucumbers and squashes...herbs. You know , things that take my babying during the bleak Winter months, but pretty much aside from a little fertilising with Neptune's Harvest, or another type of fishy fertiliser do their own thing til its time for me to pick the goodies. Okay , maybe there is a bit more to it than that, specially during seasons as crappy as this one started out. First the Aphids, then the Hornworms and Squash Vine maybe Late Blight and monster weeds....but I digress.

So I went out to 'trim' my Raspberries. What a mess....and if you were paying attention, you have figured out that I haven't pruned, them other than to remove a dead cane here or there...well....since I planted them. So I can honestly say they are pretty brambled...and mighty thorny, and a little daunting.
Thus Nature Retaliates. Retaliating by cutting me up, making me bob and weave out of the way of flying canes....and actually being almost knocked out by a frantic Cicada that I guess likes my Berry Bramble the way it is.

Needless to say, after a few hours of sun making me dizzy, thorns making me prickly, scratchy and itchy...and cicadas trying to bean me in the head. I quit. My bramble is still just that, a bramble. It is a tad tidier. Definitely much safer to walk around, but as the Golden's are just starting to ripen their second flush of fruit, I will wait to finish it for the cooler less cicada filled Autumn months. Believe me , it will never be as neat and wonderfully symmetrical as I picture when I close my eyes and daydream. But it will be better....I hope.

And for anyone who has Raspberries and wants to know how to prune the canes the right way...her is a link:
Pruning up your Berries

1 comment:

Martha said...

We gardeners get so tired by late August don't we?

Even the normally easy tasks are a wipe out. The challenging stuff like clearing berry brambles is huge and too big for August.

Wait 'till late September when you can wear long sleeves and thick thorn proof pants.

I'm facing a mess of thornless blackberry vines and dread even that.