Sep 26, 2009

Those Freakin' Squirrels!!

You just cannot imagine how freaked out, ticked off and totally spittin' fire I am at the moment. Oh how I hate squirrels!! I know there are probably plenty of folks out there that see that cute little furry face and bushy , bushy tail and think to themselves that I am some sort of monster. Well go ahead and think it, but if I had my way those fluffy four footed demons would be exiled to some oak infested island.

I had 5 or 6 beautiful 'Olena Ukrainians' out on a plant that was the black sheep plant of my tomato family. That one volunteer plant, stuck in a 5 gallon bucket, still managed to grow several 3/4 pound to 1 pound size and up beautiful tomatoes in abundance.I have eaten two...only two.... and they were glorious, and I was waiting on those 5-6 to ripen (there are about 6 more little ones, but I think it may be too late for them ). Yesterday I had the inkling that they would be at the breaker stage, but since there was no rain forecast I put off picking them, as I would really love to get a tomato that has almost completely ripened outside instead of in my kitchen. But I digress.
Well I get home from visiting my mother today, and had a feeling that I should go out and check on my volunteer pumpkins and squash ....just to make sure. Well they were fine. Then I figure ,heck while I am out here let me take a peak into the back yard....first thing I see is my largest , most perfect 'Olena Ukrainian' half eaten and so very sad looking. I look further up the plant and what do I see....every tomato that had gone beyond breaker stage had at least a 1/4 of it eaten. They couldn't just finish one and be full . No they had to sample all of them...oh wait, I lie, not all of them, no the ones that had split open and are probably going to rot on my counter, those they left.
Thank You very much.


Nutty Gnome said...

I know just how you feel ...... the foxes ate my sweetcorn!!!

NB. re your comment in an earlier post, a cockle is a small crustacian commonly found around the coast of the UK and lovely eaten with lashings of salt and vinegar - but quite why we have cockles in our hearts remains a mystery to me! :)

Nice blog!

Donna said...

What a year for the uninvited critters. I have to laugh or I will cry, the raccoons just got my Popping Corn and a opossum is trying to get at my unripened pumpkin.

And, hey, thanks for the cockle information....guess I am clammy at heart LOL!

Thanks for dropping by :)

Samantha said...

Ugh ! Those fuzzy tailed devils! Condolences on the tomato's , it is weird that animals do that taste test but never finish! It seems they are all over the place this year ( i guess it was a squirral boom). My troubles have been digging divets all over, and reeking havoc on my birdfeeders! dumping everything out but not eating anything on the freakin ground. Well i always tell my dog Ted to scare them out of the birdfeeder tree for me, but he took it to the next level and snuffed out a lil fuzzy guy all together. I wasnt to sad and hopefully it will be a warning to the other squirrals. Im just hoping they wont dig up any of my bulbs i just planted

Meredith said...

That's terrible... my cat Leo just brought us home another dead squirrel yesterday. I think that's why my garden was safe from the critters this year -- it was a danger zone near the house with the predator in it.