Mar 15, 2010

Seed Starting Time 2010!

It is that time again folks!! Yup, that's right , the time of year when I start waxing poetic about produce. About July's cooling , crunchy Cucumbers,  Augusts flaming HOT peppers and Tomato-y bounty...about Eggplants and Edamame...Pumpkins and Zucchini, and all of the other beautiful, tasty, tempting fruits and vegetables that grow in my humble garden,yet never cease to amaze me.

Wow, that is still a world away, but as of this afternoon, I have spied more little cups with seeds breaking the surface than not. That means it is okay to start posting. I always wait til I am pretty sure that the seeds will sprout before I post as I really don't want to jinx myself....*knock wood*.

I wont be listing the tomatoes that have been chosen just yet as they have only begun to poke there little seedy heads out of the starter...just that tiny little bend of pale green is visible at surface level. Oh how I love that sight. But it is still too early yet for them.  The Peppers are playing with me... the Hot Cherry's have sprouted and look strong and willing. The rest are either empty little cups of starter...or two little 'Gypsy' seeds that are in the bend stage of sprouting. So peppers remain nameless for the time being as well. Eggplants on the other hand are up and doing well. With the exception of one variety, but even it looks promising.

So for now I am going to postpone the posting of my 2010 seed list until at least next week. That will give me a better idea of how successful I am at this point. And even if there is no vital change I will post anyways,  and then update as I go with the varieties that ended up not being viable...if there are any .

*P.S.  I really did knock wood when I wrote that.

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Hua said...

Hey Donna,

I'm looking forward to reading your 2010 seed list. Good luck!

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