Mar 22, 2010

Seeds... Start Your Engines

Finally, I think I can breathe again. 

I have been holding my breath for the past few weeks just waiting ,wishing ,  hoping  and praying for my tomato seeds to show some interest in becoming plants. Little by little they have shown just the tiniest signs of life...then a wham bam over the weekend and  they have made major leaps towards planthood!It feels so good to know that I have managed yet again to bring forth a little bit of green into my world. I panic every year waiting to see if there will be sprouting. And of course if there is any problem I thoroughly blame myself, because of course I know that I have saved my seeds to long, or watered my starter too much.....or too little. I keep it too cold in my plant room, or too dark. Then when that little bend of pale green shows I let out my breath and relax....but only for a moment, because now I have to keep them alive long enough to make the garden. But for now I am a success.

So without further ado comes the list of tomatoes that I have chosen to grace my garden this season.

2010 Tomato List:



Mr. Brown's

Alyx Little Yellow Sun

German Red Strawberry-8 year old seed, and the only ones that haven't shown any interest in sprouting, but I have hope.


Bonny's Best


Black Russian

Purple Calabash

Spear's Tennessee Green


Jaune Flamme

Orange Minsk

Nicholson's Yellow Cherry


Orange Sunrise



One that I am calling: 

Berti's Red Fig

This is one from seeds I saved out of a restaurant grape tomato in 2007. It didn't make the garden in 2008, but did in 2009. It grew 2 different forms of cherry types, one the usual grape type red which was okay for taste, and so so for production. The other was shaped more fig like, and was just dripping with fruit. I believe that it is called a 'multiflora'. The flavor was not the best I have ever tasted, but still really nice. So I saved seeds from that plant and I will keep growing out the desired form until it is stable.

Now all that is left for me to do is to keep these alive for the next two months. Piece of cake!

.......Yeah sure.

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ferne said...

Great varieties and some that I, a tomato coniseur have never seen! When the finally pop up and the weather is warm they do take off don't they?!!!