Apr 6, 2010

Quick Tomato Update

Well, the seeds have all sprouted and  flourished for the most part. Even the questionable German Red Strawberry seeds have sprouted and shown a tiny bit of progress. At this point all the German Reds need to do is give me one or two perfect fruit for seed saving and I will be happy. Everyone else has been potted up into individual cups and are doing as best as they can. It also seems as if I am  either going to need to stick  to planting fewer seeds next season.... or buy a bigger house. Every year I swear I am going to stick to the six seedling rule, but I sow at least nine seeds to be safe, and when I end up with seven or eight seedlings I can not bare to toss them.  Next season it is six seeds to start and no more than five plants potted up per variety. If I can't make due with those, well then I am out of luck.

More coming soon...even pictures(maybe)