May 13, 2010

Tomato Disaster...Again

I just went outside this morning to find half of the tomato babies that I was hardening off, mostly dead....and the other half looking like Crap with a capitol 'C'. This freakin' weather is just ticking me off. Of course the weather did it to me last season too....and something else go them the season before, and the season before that I cooked them. I am just not destined to grow tomatoes from seed.

Funny thing eggplants and peppers look fine, it is just the tomatoes. I think they have it out for me and my peace of mind......

I vow to plant fewer tomato seedlings next season so I can bring them in and out of the house easier, and wont be tempted to just leave them out.....and if that doesn't keep me from killing them, then I am putting my tomato seed collection up for adoption! Case Closed!

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Ed P said...

I can sympathize - I read your post a couple of days ago - looked at the weather forecast and decided the seedlings are not going in until next weekend.

I decided to place a black "tarp" over the future site to warm it up a bit.

Best of luck on the remainder.

Ed in Cromwell