May 12, 2010

Seed Season

I put in beets and carrots this week. I promised myself to sow the carrots carefully as to avoid having to sit in the garden for hours thinning. But of course not. Once I started putting out those tiny seeds I lost all control of my sanity. So in a few weeks you will find me sitting out in my garden for hours thinning the carrots. Oh well , what is a gardening girl to do. 

On an aside, my tomato and pepper and eggplant seedlings have taken a beating being outside these passed few days. I brought them in for the chilliest and windiest of those days. But as of last night  I have decided to issue forth tough love with them. I know that farmers who grow thousands of seedlings aren't schlepping in those babies every night, once out they stay out(protected from frost of course). And so shall it be with my parade of plants. Now to keep my fingers crossed that the weather warms a bit and stays that way so I can just get these guys into the ground this weekend(provided I can keep them alive til then). Once in the ground they usually become happier campers.

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