May 5, 2010

The Seedlings Have Left the Building!

Today is the BIG day. All of my seedlings are now outside in heavily dappled shade. Let me go see if I can get my camera to work so you all can see the baby pictures. It seems like yesterday they were just poking their tiny cotyledons out of the soil...and now they are flopping all over the place.

*Note to self- Plant them a week later next season* 

Now comes a few scary days while I start the delicate hardening off procedure. I have screwed this part up in a major way in the past. So everyone keep their fingers crossed, I know I will. So far I have been out 3 times to make sure they are all still in the shade, and no one is in need of water or straightening or encouraging words. Tomorrow will be a little easier...and by Friday I will begin to breathe again.

As an aside-It occurred to me while I was out in the driveway taking that shot....I have way too many tomato seedlings. I counted them(and have already forgotten the exact number while sending the picture here....sheesh) and the total of seedlings is either 117 or 127....and either way, I need only 30 plants. Amazing , I need 30...out of over 100...someone needs to reign me in here. Next year I vow to have more confidence in my ability to keep my babies alive until plant out. On my honor I will only pot up 4 - 6 seedlings per variety. That will still be somewhere around 60 plants, but damn, that is way less stress than trying to keep 120 plants alive for 2 months....and I know I know, I only grew that many so that if I made a mistake somewhere along the line there would still be plenty to choose from, but I love each and every one of them. Then if you factor in my Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers and Eggplants, that is a butt load of seedlings. Next year there will be NO MORE than 100 plants TOTAL.....make sure someone reminds me that next year ......


Mistress Gardener said...
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shell said...

Will we be seeing "Veggie My Love" Tomato Sauce for sale come autumn then?

Donna said...

Shell....I really hope so, there is nothing like homegrown homemade tomato sauce!!
I have had some casualties amongst my seedlings. But I am hoping a good many of them will pull thru and live to grow another day. If not...I am going to my favorite Plant Seller and restock. I WILL have my tomatoes hahahaha!!!