Jun 1, 2010

Guess What's for Dinner Tonight???

  That's right folks. It's Garlic Scape season again!! I am going to do them up pretty much the same way I did them last season. 

A quick blanch, a little sauteing for color and flavor,  a splash of Balsamic, and eat.

My only hope is that I wasn't too aggressive while removing the scapes. I usually just snip them off as low as I can. But I have read some farmers postings and they suggest pulling gently until the scape snaps off. I tried the pulling gently method today, but this is totally stressful for me. I am terrified of pulling the whole thing up out of the ground. I gave it a shot though, and we will see in another month and a half whether I did any damage. I doubt that it did, but you know me.... if I wasn't worrying about my garden then what would I be doing. Plus I still have a third of my scapes still growing and I will use the snip method on those just in case.

But man...my house has a faint hint of garlic wafting through it, and I really can't wait until dinner tonight to have these beauties. It has been a whole year since.

By the way, my poor little raggedy tomatoes and peppers etc., well I had to just compost about a third of them...but the rest rebounded(as usual) and are either in my garden or were gifted out. So I will be posting the 'Who Made the Garden' posting shortly.

But for now I am off to blanch.

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