Jul 16, 2010

How the Kale turned out....and other tidbits

So here is what my Kale looked like when it was done cooking. Okay I guess maybe it isn't all that pretty to look at, but man was it good. Savory and smoky form the ham hock....garlic-y from the few loose cloves I had that I threw in, and just a hint of heat at the end from the dash of home grown and dried red pepper flakes that I tossed in. I will definitely do this again. And now that I know it works, I can give up on the Collards that don't seem to want to grow in my garden,and just grow this Kale that really likes my yard just fine. Of course we all know I will try the Collards again next year just to be on the safe side, but at least I have a tasty alternative!

Take a look at my Purple Podded Pole beans....they are a great early bean. Gorgeous purple vines with purple-y flowers give way to deep dark bean pods. As beautiful as they are to look at,they are yummy too. Now if you have a picky eater that only eats conventionally colored veggies(that really means boring colored but I am trying to be kind)the purple beans do turn green when cooked.

Soooo....as for the rest of the garden.The green beans look like a million bucks but they are being slow to start producing, as are the Red Noodle Beans and one of my Asparagus beans. However the Liana Asparagus Beans look to be doing better this year than ever , so BIG smile for those. Then there are the tomatoes growing in the new garden. Sadly they are not as sturdy and prolific as I would like them to be. I am sure this will remedy itself in a few seasons as the garden gets more organic material added to it. But for now, I am happy get a few fruit from each plant. Honestly when I get any tomatoes from the garden I am dancing in the street. The cukes are behind, but better late than never. And I am usually a zucchini failure, shoot I am a total squash and viney growing plant failure melons included...and this season is shaping up to be a big zuch/squash flop. But hey,I do a lot of seed trading, and the stuff that does grow really pays for the stuff that doesn't so again...dancing in the street !

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