Jul 14, 2010

Kale...it's what's for dinner

Last Thanksgiving, a wonderful neighbor of mine gave me a couple of bunches of Collards to contribute to my Thanksgiving meal. I being a New England Gal for my entire life have never cooked Collards. So with my trusty computer online, I diligently searched out what looked like the tastiest and easiest Collard Cooking Recipe.

It was a hit.

Hardly any of those greens hit the table. Everyone had to just have a taste or two to see if they liked them...which of course maybe 9 out of the 11 adults present did.

SO how did we get to today...and how this connects to Kale.

Well I decided right on the spot last Thanksgiving to grow Collards in my garden so I could have them whenever I saw fit. For some reason only 2 seeds sprouted and one of those only sprouted about 3 weeks ago and is a scrawny little guy. The older of the two is not much better. However my Russian Red Kale is doing wonderfully. Out of 4 plants planted I have a big pot full of leaves to cook. Which I am going to cook in the same fashion that I cooked the Collards. So wish me luck!!!

And I am still growing those Tomatoes and will definitely post a list of who hit the garden next week....I promise. And if anyone wants the Collard recipe....let me know and I will be happy to post it :)

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