Aug 2, 2010

Tomatoes 'Who Made the Garden'

Here we are, the first week of August. I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. Okay, truth be told, since the birth of my first baby 20 years ago I have been bemoaning the fleet passage of time,so I shouldn't be Surprised that another year has gotten behind me.I am hoping that everyone is pulling in bushels upon bushels of fresh home grown goodness.

Now if you are like me and you aren't getting more produce than you can eat, well...remember this....there will always be enough of something out in your garden to make the whole process worthwhile. My squash are bust, and the eggplants are only now just starting to flourish.The pumpkins aren't going to make it in time, and the watermelon don't particularly like being in pots. However there is always a balance, the Yardlong beans are growing great, and for being in a new spot,  I am getting a meal for four worth of green beans every three or so days. The Collards flopped but the Kale is doing great and my four plants have already given us two huge veggie dishes and will definitely go the distance. The cukes have been slow but will be adequate.  The tomatoes are in a new bed and are showing some blight, but will no doubt give us enough to be satisfying. I worry about them every year, and every year they pull it off.

Speaking of Tomatoes....
It occurred to me this evening, while I was enjoying my first slice of tomato for this season, that I have neglected to post my 'Who Made the Garden' posting this year. I totally vegged out on it(no pun intended). Between the tomato seedlings getting wind burned....then their rebound. Followed by my eggplants turning completely yellow....and their rebound...I totally forgot.So here it is.
Without further ado.....

My tomatoes that made the garden:

Mortgage Lifter
Muchamiel- I just pulled it out of the garden. I don't know if it has a wilt or what, but it was totally wilted and scary looking and I just cant take the chance.
Bonny Best
German Red Strawberry
Black Russian
Purple Calabash
Orange Minsk
Jaune Flamme
Spears Tennessee Green

Ludmilla's Red Plum
San Marzano Gigante

Nicholson's Yellow Cherry
Berti's Red Fig( I got this tomato out of a salad at a Restaurant called Bertucci's. I grew it out the seeds from it last year and had 2 types of cherry tomatoes from it. I kept the seed of the one that I liked the most and I am growing that out this year. the name is a just an abbreviation of the place and the type)
Orange Sunrise(more of a saladette than a cherry, but live and learn they went in with the cherry types)

Alyx Little Yellow Sun

Left to Right- Cherry types...Whippersnapper, Berti's Red Fig, Alyx Little Yellow Sun, Riesentraube. The bigger one in the middle is my only slicer so far...Black Russian.