Sep 28, 2010

Purple Calabash Pictures as Promised

These are two , not so good pictures, of that Purple Calabash I was telling you all about. It is truly a beautiful little tomato. And I know there are people who want a really sour and acidic tomato. So if that is you, I definitely recommend this guy to you. If you like a less 'IN YOUR FACE' tomato....think twice about growing Purple Calabash.

Sep 21, 2010

Purple Calabash


So this is not in any way part of my 'Tomatoes on Parade' posting for this season. There is still at least a month before that rolls around. But I had to post. I just absolutely could not resist. I was drawn in.....

Purple Calabash is the most unusually lovely tomato I have ever seen. Squat and ruffled like a tiny pumpkin, and a lovely dusky, shiny purple in color. I am sorry I have no pictures to show you, but I was so excited about tasting this one that I forgot totally about the camera , this blog....just about everything but biting into this often maligned tomato. That's right, I said it...maligned. I have heard the rumors about the odd flavor of this little gem. But I didn't believe it. After all I heard nasty things about Green Zebra and out of the 7 people I have shared it with in the past I have 7 people who loved it.  So I set out to prove the critics of PC wrong. 

I took my first bite and this a lemon in disguise?!?!? My dear and husband, who is totally understanding of my tomato sickness , who loves all vegetables(except Broccoli Rabe) went....*Pucker* WOW this is acidic isn't it. And my daughter, had such a look on her face while she chewed slowly on her little made me feel bad about asking her to taste it at all.

So now I know what the tomato term "Spitter" is all about.

Sorry, I just had to share.

Sep 14, 2010

Still Growing....

This has been a strange Summer in my garden. Everything grew soooo slowly. I thought it would be the exact opposite due to our warmer than usual July. But no. So posting here and trying to be enthusiastic was more than I could do. I only got a handful of cucumbers before the plants withered and tomatoes came in sporadically and never really got going . I guess that is because of the combination of our Holy high humidity in July and August, and this being a brand new veggie bed. So even tho I had a few of each variety(except for Purple Calabash, none yet), I never had enough. You know....enough to feel like Tomato Summer was in full swing. There are still a few green ones out there and I am hopeful for their ripening before not a tomato loss by any stretch of the imagination.The Pole Beans however went nuts.Even after I thought the vines were dead and gone I got beans....and now they are putting on new leaves and blossoms. I guess when Mother Nature whithers one vine she flourishes another. I am still a happy camper...I ate fresh ripe tomatoes, not as many as usual for this time of year, but heck one ripe garden tomato is better than any amount of Grocery store dreck. So while I have been MIA from this place...I am here in spirit.

I will be back soon to let you all know how the tomatoes did individually and how they hint, they all tasted fabulous this season....of course some more than others.

Check Back Soon, and Thanks for being patient with me during this strange season.