Sep 21, 2010

Purple Calabash


So this is not in any way part of my 'Tomatoes on Parade' posting for this season. There is still at least a month before that rolls around. But I had to post. I just absolutely could not resist. I was drawn in.....

Purple Calabash is the most unusually lovely tomato I have ever seen. Squat and ruffled like a tiny pumpkin, and a lovely dusky, shiny purple in color. I am sorry I have no pictures to show you, but I was so excited about tasting this one that I forgot totally about the camera , this blog....just about everything but biting into this often maligned tomato. That's right, I said it...maligned. I have heard the rumors about the odd flavor of this little gem. But I didn't believe it. After all I heard nasty things about Green Zebra and out of the 7 people I have shared it with in the past I have 7 people who loved it.  So I set out to prove the critics of PC wrong. 

I took my first bite and this a lemon in disguise?!?!? My dear and husband, who is totally understanding of my tomato sickness , who loves all vegetables(except Broccoli Rabe) went....*Pucker* WOW this is acidic isn't it. And my daughter, had such a look on her face while she chewed slowly on her little made me feel bad about asking her to taste it at all.

So now I know what the tomato term "Spitter" is all about.

Sorry, I just had to share.

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