Oct 28, 2010

The Year of the Bean

The beans are still growing.
Amazing....I know.

At one point this summer, after our 6th or 7th meal based on Green beans, and after I had given them away to at least 3 different people, the Kentucky Wonder plants looked like they had seen better days. I didn't mind though, as these beans had gone above and beyond the call of duty for my family. I bid them a fond farewell and vowed to plant again. A few straggling beans later,I figured they had worn themselves out and had died .

I was wrong.

3 weeks later there were new leaves  a popping and the flowers quickly followed. 

So here I am , staring down the barrel of November, and I am still picking Green Beans. True, I really think this was the last day of harvesting them, but I have been fooled before.

At any rate....this is what I did to my last batch of beans. After a Summer of cooking them 2 to 3 times a week , I have become very creative with them.


I cleaned them, de-stringed(de-strung, un-strung....I don't know) the big ones, and snapped up the Asparagus type ones. Then cooked them in lightly salted boiling water for about 4 or 5 minutes.

Sliced up a hunk of Elephant Garlic from a bulb that never split. I guess I should have re-planted it for a Ginormous head of garlic next season....but my will-power wasn't strong enough and my love of all things Garlic got the better of me.

Fried up that sliced Garlic along with some chopped up thickly sliced Hickory smoked Bacon.


Then added the pre-cooked green beans and Sautéed them for a few minutes.

Boy they were tasty. And yup...I DID take perfectly healthy green beans and mix them in with fatty bacon. But these were a whole lot healthier than the batch I breaded and deep fat fried last week....