Apr 21, 2011

Tomato Choices 2011

And they're off!!
The list of sprouted and potted up tomato varieties for 2011 is finally in.
It was a rocky start this season as the room that they are started in absolutely refused to heat up(I need new windows throughout the house and I am hoping that will keep our house warm in the Winter)
Then the 3 special colored tomato varieties....orange, black, and green when ripe... I sowed, decided to be duds. So I had to choose 3 more...of which one,the orange, was also a no show.
Those issues were followed by a snafu created by me myself... the tomato that I chose as a replacement black variety, based on a vague blurb on the label on the little plastic envelope the seeds arrived in, is actually a pink one....Plus the green is determinate , which of course is not really a bad thing in the kingdom of tomato-ness. It just goes to show that you need to research your varieties yourself, and not rely on the people you get your seed from to be 100% accurate.

And finally we are on our way and moving along grandly(knock wood)

So here are the varieties that I have decided on for the 2011 season...drum roll please:



Brandy Boy

German Red Strawberry

Marlowe Charleston

Old German

Indian Moon

Lime Green Salad

Jersey Devil

Amish Paste



Black Cherry





I don't even like mentioning this one for fear of jinxing the poor thing. I only noticed that it has sprouted this morning. I feared that I would have to count it amongst the failed seeds. But nope . It is trying so hard to live. One proud little lollipop headed tomato sprout. I do so hope it survives and thrives.....

Paul Robeson

My Failed seed varieties were-

Kellogg's Breakfast

Grub's Mystery Green(and I was really looking forward to this one)

Jaune Negib

I know the seed is getting old....but not that old(yet)....oh well you can't win 'em all.

Now on to see who actually makes it into the garden. And after the Winter we just went through I can hardly contain my gardening self!!

Apr 18, 2011

A few garden beauties

Just wanted to check in and show off some of the beauties popping up around my little piece of the Earth!!

I am so happy....these are the gorgeous Hyacinths that my sister gave me for Easter 2 seasons ago. Normally Hyacinths(which happen to be my favorite Spring scent) don't do well for me. Now I know from working in the biz from so many years that the big lush hyacinth blooms we get from our newly planted bulbs have been a tad bit manipulated, but I still see fairly lovely blooms around my 'hood while mine turn to spindly 3 flower sticks by the next year after planting. But these must know they represent ...ahhh Spring fragrance and color...

I planted these bulbs about 3 years ago and they never fail to take my breath away with their pale cream faces.

These are another joyful surprise. Okay, now I know that these teensy little green flowers seem to be insignificant. But to me they mean the world as they are the first flowers ever on my Currant baby bushes!!I received these from a fellow garden enthusiast maybe 5 years ago. They were little twigs and I feared for their lives. I originally planted them in an area that they loathed, and it only took me 3 years to figure that out. So after re-locating them 3 years ago I was thrilled to see them thrive and grow. I was resigned to just enjoy their beautiful foliage....until now...now I have hope for a harvest. Maybe it will be a very small harvest....but a harvest none the least.

Marco popped up in the garden as I was looking around....he is growing rather abundantly.

Bella is a new addition to our garden....she has just started to put down her roots.

Apr 6, 2011

Tomato Time!!

Phew...all of the tomato seedlings that graced my life by sprouting and growing , have been potted up. There were a few disappointments with my special tomato varieties (not that all of the varieties I grow aren't special...) but I will weather that storm.

It seems that somewhere along the line I have acquired too many tomato varieties to actually grow. I set a 7 year age limit on my seed last season as I figured that once I got beyond that point it would be harder for me to get germination. That being said, I have more seed from 2007 than I really can handle....oh well I guess I will have to get better at germinating old seed, or if they fail I will just add them back to my ever expanding wish list.

Next entry....the varieties that sprouted....Yay!!