Apr 18, 2011

A few garden beauties

Just wanted to check in and show off some of the beauties popping up around my little piece of the Earth!!

I am so happy....these are the gorgeous Hyacinths that my sister gave me for Easter 2 seasons ago. Normally Hyacinths(which happen to be my favorite Spring scent) don't do well for me. Now I know from working in the biz from so many years that the big lush hyacinth blooms we get from our newly planted bulbs have been a tad bit manipulated, but I still see fairly lovely blooms around my 'hood while mine turn to spindly 3 flower sticks by the next year after planting. But these must know they represent ...ahhh Spring fragrance and color...

I planted these bulbs about 3 years ago and they never fail to take my breath away with their pale cream faces.

These are another joyful surprise. Okay, now I know that these teensy little green flowers seem to be insignificant. But to me they mean the world as they are the first flowers ever on my Currant baby bushes!!I received these from a fellow garden enthusiast maybe 5 years ago. They were little twigs and I feared for their lives. I originally planted them in an area that they loathed, and it only took me 3 years to figure that out. So after re-locating them 3 years ago I was thrilled to see them thrive and grow. I was resigned to just enjoy their beautiful foliage....until now...now I have hope for a harvest. Maybe it will be a very small harvest....but a harvest none the least.

Marco popped up in the garden as I was looking around....he is growing rather abundantly.

Bella is a new addition to our garden....she has just started to put down her roots.

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