Apr 21, 2011

Tomato Choices 2011

And they're off!!
The list of sprouted and potted up tomato varieties for 2011 is finally in.
It was a rocky start this season as the room that they are started in absolutely refused to heat up(I need new windows throughout the house and I am hoping that will keep our house warm in the Winter)
Then the 3 special colored tomato varieties....orange, black, and green when ripe... I sowed, decided to be duds. So I had to choose 3 more...of which one,the orange, was also a no show.
Those issues were followed by a snafu created by me myself... the tomato that I chose as a replacement black variety, based on a vague blurb on the label on the little plastic envelope the seeds arrived in, is actually a pink one....Plus the green is determinate , which of course is not really a bad thing in the kingdom of tomato-ness. It just goes to show that you need to research your varieties yourself, and not rely on the people you get your seed from to be 100% accurate.

And finally we are on our way and moving along grandly(knock wood)

So here are the varieties that I have decided on for the 2011 season...drum roll please:



Brandy Boy

German Red Strawberry

Marlowe Charleston

Old German

Indian Moon

Lime Green Salad

Jersey Devil

Amish Paste



Black Cherry





I don't even like mentioning this one for fear of jinxing the poor thing. I only noticed that it has sprouted this morning. I feared that I would have to count it amongst the failed seeds. But nope . It is trying so hard to live. One proud little lollipop headed tomato sprout. I do so hope it survives and thrives.....

Paul Robeson

My Failed seed varieties were-

Kellogg's Breakfast

Grub's Mystery Green(and I was really looking forward to this one)

Jaune Negib

I know the seed is getting old....but not that old(yet)....oh well you can't win 'em all.

Now on to see who actually makes it into the garden. And after the Winter we just went through I can hardly contain my gardening self!!


Anonymous said...


How many plants for ech variety do you plant?

I have had mixed results this year as I made a classic mistake - putting my start-up seeds in larger "pots" and using only starter soil, extremely difficult to transplant. Any suggestions?

Donna said...

Hey There,
Well , I only have room for between 28 and 30 tomato plants this season...so it is going to be the luck of the draw for each variety. I will most likely only plant one each of the cherry types as I only really use them in salads and 5 plants should give us plenty. The paste types will be 2 each, and the rest will be determined once I am planting LOL!

Now, I am not sure I understand your dilemma. Although I sow my seeds in flats in the beginning and tease them apart when they show their first true leaves and pot up...if you can separate them now you should have no problem repotting into something more manageable, with potting mix for a medium....I made the error one year of potting up into pure Pro=-Mix. That would have been okay but we ended uop having a colder then normal May and I had to hold back from planting out for 2 weeks. The poor things were almost yellow once they went in the ground, but with a little fish emulsion and love they bounced right back.

Good Luck with yours!!

Amy - Get Busy Gardening said...

Hi Donna,
I found your blog on the GardenWeb blog roll. Wow, look at that list!! Impressive. I have been tracking my list of seeds I've been winter sowing. Whew, it's a lot of work isn't it. Now it's time to start planting it all out! :-) Can't wait to track the progress of your seedlings and gardens.