Jun 9, 2011

Everybody's In!!

Finally....everybody who is going to be in the garden this year is in the garden.

It had been one nasty bummer of an early season. Just like two years ago, there was the 3 weeks of gray skies, cold night temperatures and rain and/or dampness. But I learned my lesson from Spring 2009 and I didn't try to force my babies to adapt to the nasty wet weather only to end up with weird leaf issues. Nope, I kept my seedlings inside during the nasty weather. Of course they grew to about 2 feet of straggly-ness before the sun finally came out again. But all I can say to that is...oh well, I did what any good plant Mamma would do and I dug extra deep holes , and by that I mean I had my son dig extra deep holes with a post hole digger(who says you only use them once). So now those straggly tomatoes look lovely and everything else is sprouting or has been replaced with seeds that I figure will sprout....eventually.

Oh, by the way . I was out in the garden yesterday....as I promised myself I would try to spend more time in the yard this year and less in the Air Conditioner that I treated the family to after the pool bit the dust last year....sorry getting off track....and while out in the yard I got some nice pictures of how my garden grows.

My Citrus Pot garden

The Little Fruits on One of Them

Some Jimenez Bean Seedlings

Please ignore the weeds they get pulled periodically....and some of those green things are Zucchini...and some of it is even my perennial Sage....but yeah those are weeds there all right.

Some Carrot Seedlings in a Garbage Can

My Garlic Corner....and some Garlic Scapes Growing

Let me tell you what I did with some of those Garlic Scapes. I steamed them whole till they were just tender. Then I quickly cooled them under running cold water. I wrapped each Scape stalk in a thin thin thin slice of Serrano Ham. Then I drizzled them with a few drops each of my fancy, only bring out on special occasions, hide from the family , Gold Cask Balsamic Vinegar. Oh Man....they were so good I can hardly stand that I had to share them with my family. Okay, I shared willingly because I love my family.....don't want anyone getting the wrong impression.


Things in Pots

Well, that's all for tonight!! I have more, but I want to keep the mystery in our relationship.....