Mar 15, 2012

Spring is about to be Sprung

Its that time of year again...seed sowing time!! I feel horrible about my lack of posting throughout the Autumn and Winter months but that was due to a touch of the blues. My spirits are definitely better now. So, onto the seeds.... I really haven't done much beyond chosing the pepper, eggplant and tomato varieties that will grace the garden this season. Unfortunately I cant remember all the names off hand so I will post them next week. Beyond that, I have sown both the peppers and eggplants. Out of the 6 pepper varieties and 3 eggplant varieties only 2 types of peppers have sprouted. Still makes me happy though as I was afraid that my old seeds had lost their oomph....but nope, they still got it!

So, what varieties are you all planting this year??