Feb 5, 2013

Dead of Winter

So here we are, slogging thru the dead of Winter, and Spring seems like it is a million miles away. Sadly, tomatoes would then be a billion miles away...heavy sigh. So, it's been a long while since we've talked. I have definitely been horrible about keeping up here. Last years tomato crop being decimated by opposums didn't help that case any either. As excited as I was to have fantastic germination, and a great grow out, and tons of tomatoes set, those nasty, naked tailed, razor teeth monsters stole my thunder. And after several days of standing in my garden sobbing my heart out at the loss of my largest green fruit, we fnally discovered that those nasty opossums were the culprits. So we completely chicken wired.in the garden and salvaged a small portion of the season. But by that time I was in no mood.to talk about it. Then Autumn arrived...and along with that came Hurricane Sandy. Halloween was postponed for a week. Along comes November 7th, our new Halloween day and what do we have here....the first snow storm of the season. So here I sit, hoping for a "normal" season in 2013. Not a stellar season, not even a great season...just a normal, non rodentful, non hurricaney, run of the mill normal. Come on Spring!!! P.S. Computer is acting wonky, so I am posting from my cell phone. This is why there are some weird typos and awkward punctuations. My phone is just not compatible with this site. Please forgive :-D