Apr 16, 2013

It's All Coming Along

Tomatoes are almost done being potted up. The last of the sprouted varieties will get transplanted for the first time tomorrow. The newly germinated will probably take another two weeks before they get potted up. Then it will be another week or two beyond that before the weather is right for hardening and finding their homes in the garden. This year, so far, 12 out of 16 varieties of tomatoes have germinated. One more is trying. So for the remaining 3 I have resown new varieties just in case. I want to post the varieties here but I honestly can't remember them all, plus I feel like I am jinxing things by naming them before they actually make it to the garden....so I think I will hold off until later and then do a 'Look Who Made the Garden' posting. On a side note, some of my Peppers have had a second potting up already , boy they are going to be huge. Not the Jolokias though, they will most likely take two seasons before they give any pods. My son is going to be disappointed about that for certain but there is no rushing Mother Nature.

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